My Experience

Hi, I am Faith H Davis, Owner of Fill My Cup LLC

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, I have been self-employed for over 30 years, specializing in International Transportation, Logistics and opening my first coffeehouse in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 2003.

The Vision

Fill My Cup is a culmination of a shared goal between Pastor Orr and myself. 15 years ago I joined Brown Baptist Church and I absolutely LOVE my church! It has long been a desire of mine to once again have a Christian coffeehouse. However, the right location has always alluded me.

The Plan

In July 2021 while attending an event at church, Pastor Orr asked me if anyone had spoken to me about getting the coffeehouse on our premises up and running as a commercial entity. He said he would really like to see this happen. This is a shared endeavor between Brown Baptist Church and Fill My Cup and the name of the coffeehouse reaches far beyond filling just your coffee cup. Come and fill your cup at Brown!

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our Commitment to Excellence begins with qualified, specialized people who are committed every day to giving their best and to providing the best service to you our customers.

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